Stem Cell Banking

A stem cell, known as the "Holy Grail" of biological science, is the origin of all cells within the body. They are unspecialized cells capable of dividing and regenerating themselves for long periods, and they give rise to specialized cell types in the body such as blood cells, bone, heart and nervous tissue.

Today, medical researchers are able to manipulate stem cell regeneration into various types of specialized cells such as teeth, muscle, nerve, bone, and insulin producing cells. The presence of stem cells in the dental pulp of a tooth is a new finding that has significant meaning for the dental industry.

We are now offering a cutting-edge program called StemSave, which allows us to collect your stem cell rich dental pulp when you come in for a scheduled procedure such as getting an orthodontic or wisdom tooth extraction.

How Do You Get Stem Cells From Teeth?

After your tooth is removed, we send the dental pulp away to a lab to be cryogenically-preserved, stored and monitored until needed. This practice is similar to umbilical cord blood banking but is extended to children and adults who were born after this discovery.

Am I a Candidate for Stem Cell Banking?

Candidates for stem cell saving include those with baby teeth, wisdom teeth, teeth extracted for orthodontics, adult teeth, or loose tooth due to periodontal disease.

Storing Your Stem Cells

After you stem cells leave our office, they are frozen and stored at the labs until you request them. There is a one time fee for the service and an annual fee to store your material at the lab.