Maria Paranhos, DDS

“Being minimally-invasive and, at the same time, being able to give back to my patient’s function and esthetics is priceless. That’s what makes me smile at the end of the day.”

Areas of Expertise

Adhesive, Minimally-Invasive, Esthetic, and Biomimetic Dentistry. Bonded Partial Crowns, Onlays, Inlays, Veneers, Composite Restorations. Smile Design. CAD/CAM. Teeth Whitening. Implant Restorations. Oral Health Care.


Escola Técnica Polivalente de Americana (ETEA), BBA – Sao Paulo, Brazil

University of Ribeirão Preto, DDS – Sao Paulo, Brazil

University of Campinas, Advanced Operative Dentistry – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, MSc – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, University of Southern California, DDS – Los Angeles, CA

Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, University of Southern California, PhD – Los Angeles, CA

Awards & Professional Memberships

Dr. Paranhos is the humbled recipient of the Everitt V. Payne Memorial Award in Dental Morphology and the Archie Haljun International Student Program Award for Outstanding Achievement in Operative Dentistry.

Dr. Paranhos is currently an active member of the Brazilian Dental Society, American Association for Dental Education, American Dental Association, International Association for Dental Research, and American Association for Dental Research.

Life & Hobbies

Dr. Paranhos was born and raised in Americana, a small, charming city in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Since her graduation from dental school in 2001, Dr. Paranhos has been passionate about Minimally-Invasive and Conservative Dentistry. She decided to pursue a career in Adhesive and Biomimetic Dentistry. She is a specialist in Advanced Operative Dentistry, with a Master of Science and PhD in Dental Materials. Dr. Paranhos came to the United States to pursue her dream and work under the mentorship of one of the most renowned professors in his area, Dr. Pascal Magne, with whom she published several articles regarding Bonding and Adhesive Dentistry.

While obtaining her PhD at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at the University of Southern California, Dr. Paranhos had the opportunity to receive substantial training in Digital Dentistry (including CAD/CAM). She also had the chance to work with an extremely talented Master Ceramist, Michel Magne. Dr. Paranhos was invited to teach junior and senior students as part of the Esthetic Selective. After four years of teaching at USC, Dr. Paranhos decided to validate her Brazilian dental license in the United States and went back to dental school for two years to earn her second Doctorate of Dental Surgery.

Following her extensive professional training, Dr. Paranhos was thrilled to work at the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University for more than three years, where she fell in love with Georgia and its lovely and welcoming people.

Dr. Paranhos also speaks Portuguese and has two children, Stela and Noah. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and watching movies.