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Teeth Whitening in Atlanta

Brighten Your Smile

If you have stained teeth and would like to restore your smile with teeth whitening in Atlanta, Goldstein Garber & Salama can help with affordable, fast, and non-invasive cosmetic dentistry. To learn more about your teeth whitening options, contact us for an appointment.

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

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The best benefit of teeth whitening is that it restores your self-confidence. If you have stained or discolored teeth, you may feel self-conscious about smiling, laughing, or even eating among others. By removing these stains, teeth whitening can improve the aesthetics of your smile and renew your self-esteem. 

In addition, teeth whitening can make you look younger. If your teeth are stained and discolored, this can make you look older than you are, so teeth whitening can provide you with a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.

The Teeth Whitening Process

Take-Home & In-Office Treatment Available

We offer both take-home chemical whitening, which lets you treat yourself in the comfort of your own home, and in-office UV/laser whitening which provides fast results and is ideal for special occasions.

The In-Office Whitening Process

We use chemical whiteners and UV/laser light to provide the best results for in-office whitening treatment. To begin, your dentist will clean your mouth, treat your gums with a protective gel, and retract your cheeks to expose your teeth. Then, they will apply a chemical whitener and activate it with a UV or laser light. The whitener will be left in place for a few minutes, then rinsed away. This process may be repeated several times to achieve your desired level of whiteness.

The Take-Home Whitening Process

First, you’ll come into our office to get a set of custom-fitted whitening trays. Your dentist in Atlanta will take impressions of your teeth, and will build a set of trays that will fit your teeth perfectly. Then, at your next appointment, you’ll get a set of chemical whitening products and instructions for their use. Follow these instructions, and you can get a whiter smile in the comfort of your own home.

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Are There Side Effects of Whitening?

The only common side effect of professional whitening is tooth sensitivity. It’s common for your teeth to feel a bit sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks. Depending on the patient, this can last from several days to several months. 

If you have sensitive teeth, we recommend telling your dentist at Goldstein Garber & Salama about this so that they can customize your treatment and ensure your comfort during the whitening process.

How Long Does Whitening Last?

Teeth Whitening Lasts 1-3 Years

With proper at-home care, you can usually expect your newly-whitened smile to last between 1-3 years. With regular touch-ups at our office, however, you can keep your smile white indefinitely.

How to Keep Your Smile White at Home

We recommend using a whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, and ensuring you brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes. You may also want to avoid or reduce your intake of drinks like coffee, tea, and cola, which can stain your teeth. Drinking these beverages with a straw can also help prevent stains, since the straw prevents direct contact with your teeth.

Get Teeth Cleanings From Goldstein Garber & Salama

Regular teeth cleanings can help remove surface stains and plaque from your teeth, so make sure you’re seeing your dentist at Goldstein Garber & Salama for a teeth cleaning and oral exam every six months.