Preventative dentists in Atlanta, GA

Preventive Dentistry in Atlanta

Keep Your Smile Healthy

Need preventive dental care in Atlanta? The team at Goldstein Garber & Salama is here to help. Our doctors provide expert dental care and can ensure that your mouth is healthy and free of common oral health problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

The Importance of Routine Preventive Care

Preventative treatment options in Atlanta

Preventive dental care helps you save time and money by completely avoiding common oral health issues like cavities and gum disease. When you catch these problems early, you can get the treatment you need to avoid a filling, crown, or root canal. 

Your smile will stay bright and beautiful thanks to routine teeth cleanings. Plus, you’ll get peace of mind, knowing that your smile is completely healthy.

Preventive Treatment at Our Office

Teeth Cleanings & Oral Exams

With our comprehensive teeth cleanings and oral exams, you can avoid common oral health problems like gum disease and cavities, and know that your mouth is strong and healthy. If you’re overdue for an appointment, get in touch today!

Fluoride Treatments

We offer fluoride treatments as part of every preventive appointment. Your dentist will simply paint a thin layer of fluoride-rich gel or paste on your teeth. The fluoride will strengthen and remineralize your teeth, and can even reverse minor decay, helping to prevent cavities.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants consist of a thin layer of transparent dental resin, which is applied to your rear teeth in liquid form. This resin is hardened using a UV light and creates a strong barrier that prevents food, bacteria, and acid from contacting your enamel directly. When properly applied, sealants can stop cavities from forming for up to 10 years.

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Oral Cancer Screenings & Biopsies

We offer routine oral cancer screenings as part of every six-month teeth cleaning and oral exam at our office. Your Atlanta dentist at Goldstein Garber & Salama will use advanced intraoral cameras to check for potential abnormalities in your mouth that could indicate the presence of oral cancer. In the rare event that we notice a serious issue, we can take a biopsy immediately, ensuring a quick diagnosis. With regular oral cancer screenings at our office, you’ll get peace of mind.

Periodontal Care

Deep Cleanings (Scaling & Root Planing)

Deep cleanings, also known as “scaling & root planing” are the first step in the treatment of gum disease. In this treatment, one of our doctors will use special dental tools to clean between your teeth and your gums and to smooth out the roots of your teeth. Antibiotics are also often used alongside this procedure to destroy bacteria.

Gum Flap Surgery

Gum flap surgery may be required for more advanced cases of gum disease. In this procedure, one of our doctors will temporarily move your gums out of the way to expose the roots of your teeth and the jaw bone. These areas will be cleaned and disinfected, then the gums will be sutured shut to promote proper healing.

Gum Grafting

Gum grafting may be required in advanced cases of gum disease. In this procedure, oral tissue is taken from elsewhere in your mouth and is grafted onto your gums. This reverses gum recession, restores your smile, and protects your teeth.