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Periodontal Disease In Atlanta

Get Treatment & Restore Your Oral Health

Periodontal disease affects more than half of all American adults, and it’s a leading cause of premature tooth loss. At Goldstein Garber & Salama, we offer expert periodontal therapy in Atlanta. Contact us now to schedule an appointment for periodontal treatment, and get the help you need to resolve your periodontal disease.

What Is Periodontal Therapy?

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Periodontal therapy refers to the different types of treatment used to treat periodontal (gum) disease. Periodontal disease is caused by improper oral hygiene. Failing to clean the teeth and gums properly eventually results in the buildup of bacteria-filled plaque and tartar between the teeth and gums.

Over time, these bacteria will begin to attack the gums. Initially, this only results in minor issues like gum swelling and discoloration. But if it’s left untreated, gum disease will destroy your gums, as well as the support structures of your teeth, resulting in permanent damage to your oral health.

With periodontal therapy at Goldstein Garber & Salama, we will create a customized treatment plan to treat your gum disease and restore your oral health. Contact us now to schedule an appointment, and get the help you need right away.

Treating Periodontal Disease

Treating periodontal disease typically involves removing damaged and inflamed gum tissue, cleaning away bacteria from between your gums and teeth, and using antibiotics to restore your oral health and fight back against future infections.

No two patients are alike, so our doctors will provide you with the personalized care you need to overcome gum disease. We use advanced techniques like laser therapy to provide our patients with better overall outcomes, and to protect and preserve your gums and your teeth.

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Laser Gum Therapy

Laser gum therapy is similar to a traditional deep cleaning (scaling & root planing). However, instead of using standard dental tools to clean your teeth, your doctor at Goldstein Garber & Salama will use a dental laser.

Using this laser, they will clean away plaque and tartar from between your teeth and gums, and to remove inflamed and infected gum tissue from around the root of the tooth. Once this is done, the roots of the tooth are “scaled” and smoothed out to remove “pockets” that may attract bacteria in the future.

Along with antibiotics, laser gum therapy can be used to halt or reverse the progression of many cases of periodontal disease. However, some patients may require multiple treatments to halt the progression of gum disease.

Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is used to restore your gum tissue if you have experienced severe gum recession due to gum disease. In advanced cases of gum disease, the gums will recede from the teeth, exposing more of the tooth and making it more vulnerable to decay and damage.

In gum grafting, tissue will be taken from elsewhere in your mouth (often the roof of your mouth), and then grafted onto your gums. Over time, this tissue will heal, and new gum tissue will form around the grafted tissue. This restores your gums, and reverses the effects of gum recession due to periodontal disease.

Gum Therapy/Grafting Aftercare

Your mouth may be tender after laser gum therapy or gum grafting. It usually takes about 2 weeks to fully recover from gum grafting, while it may take 1-2 weeks to recover from laser gum therapy.

Your dentist at Goldstein Garber & Salama will provide you with a comprehensive set of instructions to follow as your mouth heals and you recover. Follow them to the letter to minimize your discomfort, speed up the healing process, and ensure the best outcome for your procedure at our office.