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Dental Implants in Atlanta

Permanent Smile Restoration

With a dental implant in Atlanta from Goldstein Garber & Salama, you can permanently restore your smile, chew normally, and feel great about your appearance after tooth loss. Contact us now for your free implant consultation.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Atlanta dental implants

At our office, we specialize in implant placement and restoration, and offer single-tooth, full-arch, mini, and single-day implants. Wondering why you should choose a dental implant?

First, implants are the longest-lasting way to restore your smile. Your implant will last 30+ years with proper care and maintenance. Implants also help support the health of your jaw bone, and prevent bone resorption after tooth loss. This preserves your appearance and your oral health.

Implants also will never shift or move, unlike dentures. They are locked tightly in place because they’re surgically placed directly into your jaw bone, so they look and feel completely natural. For all of these reasons, an implant at Goldstein Garber & Salama may be the best option for you.

The Placement & Restoration Process

The Implant Placement Process

After we’ve approved you for an implant and you’ve had an oral exam, you’ll come to our office for implant placement. One of our dentists in Atlanta will clean and numb your mouth, create an incision, and place the implant precisely based on your treatment plan. This will be repeated if you’re having multiple implants.

Healing & Aftercare

You’ll go home to heal and recover. It will take about 1-2 weeks to recover from the initial implant placement, but it takes 3-6 months or longer for your implants to bond with your jaw bone. You’ll follow the instructions provided by our doctors to keep your mouth healthy as you recover, and come in for follow up appointments at Goldstein Garber & Salama.

The Implant Restoration Process

During your follow-ups, your dentist will take measurements and impressions of your mouth, and we’ll build your permanent implant restoration at our office. Once your mouth has healed completely, your permanent restoration will be attached to your implant, completing the procedure.

Dental implants in Atlanta

What Is a One Day Implant?

One Day implants are exactly what they sound like. At our office, we have the tools and technology to provide implants and restore your smile in just a single day. To learn more, visit One Day Implants, or contact us to schedule your free implant consultation. 

Sedation Options

Laughing Gas Sedation

Laughing gas is a minimal method of sedation that will help you feel safe and comfortable during your implant procedure, and it wears off within 5 minutes, so you can drive yourself home and resume day-to-day activities.

Oral Conscious/IV Sedation

Oral conscious sedation and IV sedation use more powerful sedative drugs. You will feel sleepy and groggy, and you may forget what happens during your appointment or fall asleep. You’ll need someone to drive you home after the procedure, since the after-effects last 4-6 hours or longer.

General Anesthesia

With general anesthesia, you’ll be completely unconscious during your appointment. This is a good option if you are very nervous about implant surgery, and want to make sure you have a completely pain-free experience.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

As long as your jaw bone is strong and your overall oral health is good, you are likely a good candidate for dental implants. Find out by contacting Goldstein Garber & Salama for your free implant consultation today.