Dental Implant Restoration in Atlanta

Dental Implant Restorations in Atlanta

Restore Your Smile

Dental implant restorations are used to restore damaged teeth or replace missing teeth in the mouth. Consult with our Atlanta dental team at Goldstein Garber & Salama to schedule your dental implant restoration appointment.

What Are Dental Implant Restorations?

Dental implant restorations in Atlanta

In a traditional dental implant, the restoration is a dental crown. A titanium post is implanted into the jaw bone, then an abutment is attached, and finally, the dental crown acts as the replacement for the tooth.

However, there are other restorative options when it comes to implants, such as implant-supported dentures or all-on-four which is a fixed bridge supported by 4 dental implants. These options restore an entire arch or both arches of teeth rather than a single tooth.

The implants securely hold these artificial arches of teeth in place, combining the benefits of dental implants with the ability to replace an entire set of teeth. While the implant restores the tooth’s root, these restorations restore the crowns of the teeth, the portion that is visible in the mouth when you smile.

The Process

Consultation - You’ll first come in for your free dental implant consultation so our Atlanta dentist can examine your mouth for any present oral health problems and take x-rays to determine if you have sufficient jaw bone density to support dental implants. If you do not have adequate jaw bone density or structure, we will need to perform a bone graft.

Implant - During this first oral surgery, we will make an incision into your gums and implant a titanium post into your jaw bone. You will then have to wait for 3-6 months for osseointegration to be complete.

During this time, your dental implant will slowly become fused with the jaw bone and restore the tooth’s root. Once complete, your jaw bone will become stimulated when you chew and prevent bone loss.

Abutment - After osseointegration has taken place, you’ll return for a second minor oral surgery. We will reopen your gums to attach an abutment to your implant. We will also take impressions of your tooth and send them to a dental lab that will create your dental crown. It will take anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks to heal from this second surgery.

Crown - A few weeks after the placement of your abutment, your dental crown will be ready to be attached to the abutment to complete the restoration.

Atlanta dental implant restorations

What Is the Aftercare & Recovery Process Like?

You can expect some minor bleeding after oral surgery to last for 48-72 hours. The swelling will peak 2-3 days after the implant placement and you may experience some tenderness or pain in the first few days, which will gradually resolve with each day.

To promote blood clot formation, you will need to bite down on gauze directly after your surgery and change it frequently. Wet some fresh gauze before placing it at the site of the implant and change it before it becomes soaked with blood. If the bleeding is not subsiding, try biting down on a wet caffeinated tea bag instead. Tannic acid inside of these tea bags stops bleeding and promotes blood clots.

To reduce swelling, apply a cold compress to the area for about 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. Keep your head elevated and take prescribed pain medication or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pain medication as needed.

There are many things you should avoid, especially in the first 24 hours, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating hard or chewy foods, all forms of suction (spitting, swishing, sucking out of a straw), rinsing your mouth, drinking hot liquids, or engaging in strenuous activity.

You should only eat soft foods for about a week. Take it easy, especially in the first 24 hours. You should get a lot of rest and not be exercising for at least the first few days. Eat on the opposite side of your mouth.

After the first 24 hours, you can rinse your mouth with a saline solution or prescription mouthwash 3 times a day. You can also start to brush and floss again but be very careful around the implant and your gums.