Gum Therapy

Gum Disease Therapy

The health of your mouth, teeth and gums has a direct impact on your overall health. This relationship has recently be coined the Oral Systemic Connection. Research has recently found that the same bacteria that cause gums to become inflamed can travel throughout the body, including to cells in the coronary arteries. Recent reports have linked gum disease with: Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Pregnancy problems, Increased risk of pancreatic cancer. Traditional Gum Surgery is the removal of the periodontal disease causing bacteria that lives below the gumline.

How is Traditional Gum Surgery Done?

Traditional gum surgery procedure is also referred to as flap surgery or pocket reduction surgery. Our doctors gently lift back the gum to remove the tartar that has accumulated below the gumline. The gums are then reattached to the newly sterilized surface to heal.

Am I a Candidate for Traditional Gum Surgery?

Candiates for Traditional Gum Surgery are those with red, swollen, bleeding or tender gums, chronic bad breath, and those who with periodontal disease.

After Treatment

Be kind to yourself! Recovery time and post surgery needs differ from person to person. During this time it is important to follow the instructions and medications given to you by our doctors. Be sure to keep all areas in your mouth clean after surgery, use your ice packs to minimize swelling and avoid very hot liquids initially after surgery.