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If you’re suffering from impacted teeth, missing teeth, or severe gum issues, a surgical procedure may be required to restore the proper alignment and health of your teeth. Goldstein, Garber & Salama is home to a team of highly-qualified oral surgeons who can help you address and treat your unique case. 

Our Dental Services 

From cosmetic dentistry and full dental implant services to teeth whitening and oral hygiene, we’re proud to provide the citizens of Atlanta with high-quality dental care. Learn  more about our dental care services below:

This advancement in periodontal treatment is both comfortable and convenient. Using high-grade medical lasers, our dentists can achieve high-qualty results without cutting or stitching your gums. Patients recover faster and experience minimal pain, sensitivity, and lower risks of infection.

Oftentimes, there is inadequate space in the mouth to accommodate the emergence of wisdom teeth. In such casees, the tooth may fail to erupt fully and become impacted, which can be painful and even lead to infection. Wisdom teeth removal is a way to resolve this issue.

Crown lengthening is a form of periodontal plastic surgery that helps to reshape your gume. reshaping gums, and it involves the removal of bone or gum tissue to maintain the truth structure. Crown lengthening can improve your oral health as well as the aesthetics of your smile.

This restoration option helps replace a missing tooth, and it involves the placement of a titanium root into the jaw. Dental implants can support bridges, crowns, or dentures, and can also be used as anchorage in orthodontics. To get one, you need to have healthy gums and have good oral and general health since it requires sufficient bone tissue.

The periodontal procedure involves the grafting of gingival tissue on the gums of a patient for faster build up and to hide the exposed surface of the tooth root. After the surgery, you will improve your smile appearance, prevent periodontal recession, and eliminate tooth sensitivity. Our Atlanta periodontist performs a range of gum grafting surgeries at our facility with a high success rate.

This treatment procedure involves lifting back the gum tissue to get rid of the accumulated tartar that is below the gum line. Afterward, the gums will be reattached to the sterilized surface to heal again. So if you have red, bleeding, tender or swollen gums, and chronic bad breath, our specialists have all it takes to treat you.

Also known as conscious sedation, the process utilizes a form of sedation that induces a sleep-like state to eradicate any discomfort or pain that a patient may experience during their procedure. You will remain responsive to the dentist and can still manage your breathing. 

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