Trial Smile

A Trial Smile is one that employs literally any type of appliance or procedure that allows you to be able to visualize the approximate look of your final smile. Although esthetic computer imaging techniques can give you a two dimension look at possible changes to your smile, the actual 3-D look is the most accurate visualization you can get.

Trial Smile

How Does a Trial Smile Work?

The trial smile or snap on smile can consist of tooth colored composite resin materials temporarily bonded to your teeth all the way to indirect laboratory constructed temporary restorations that will give you the look of your final restorations.

Another method is called "Snap-on-Smile" that you can wear home to show your friends and relatives.

This removable appliance is made to fit over your teeth and can even be worn while eating depending on how it is constructed.

What is most important is the ability for you to make certain you will like the changes that both you and your dentist plan in the final restorations. In other words… no surprises.

Am I a Candidate for a Trial Smile?

A good candidate for a Trial Smile is someone with gaps, crooked, stained or missing teeth, candidates for bridges or implants, and those who wish to see what their cosmetic work will look like before the procedure is completed.