Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic Contouring is a simple procedure in which the teeth are reshaped with finely ground diamonds. Contouring is used to quickly enhance the appearance of your teeth by giving the sense of uniformity and alignment.


How is Cosmetic Contouring Done?

With cosmetic contouring, the rough or uneven tooth edges are simply buffed and polished away with finely ground diamonds.

It is a fast and economic way to augment your smile, and an excellent finishing touch to improve the shape of your teeth following other treatments including porcelain veneers and bonding.

Candidates for cosmetic contouring are those with small chips or fractures in your teeth, minor crowding, and sharp or uneven tooth lengths.

Maintaining Your Contoured Teeth

Because the teeth are simply reshaped, there is virtually no special aftercare once cosmetic contouring is completed.

Avoid chewing ice and biting your fingernails. A nightguard might be made to help protect your crowns from fracture, especially if you clench or grind your teeth.