The Oral Systemic Connection

Your Mouth: The Gateway to Your Body

Often times you may have heard people joke that dentists aren't real doctors. Up until now there has been an unfortunate disconnection in the general public's eyes between the health of your mouth and the overall health of your body. Many patients don't think of visiting the dentist the same way they think of going to a physician for a checkup.

It should be obvious that our mouth is the first point of entry for our entire body: the primary form of the nourishment our bodies require comes through our mouths in the form of food. This food travels through our bodies and is absorbed and put to use.

The good food restores our bodies and the bad food can damage us. While the eyes are the window to your soul, it turns out that your mouth can say a lot more about your body than researchers have ever known before. Direct links between your oral health and your overall wellness have been made.

Statistics from the American Academy of Periodontology show that people with gum disease are 40 to 72% more likely to suffer from heart disease, and 2.7 times more at risk to suffer a heart attack than those who do not. And that's not all! The National Institute of Diabetes found that diabetic patients are 2.8 times more likely to have periodontal disease, Boston University found periodontal bacteria in blood clots that have caused strokes, and Harvard School of Public Health found that men with periodontal disease had a 63 to 126% higher chance of pancreatic cancer.

While you may associate leaving the dentist's office with a whiter, brighter smile, you shouldn't forget that dentists look out for your body's health as well. We must admit, it feels good to now have significant research to back our dedication to getting the World to brush and floss regularly!