Cosmetic Dentistry For Seniors

No matter what your age a healthy smile is always desirable. Parents and grandparents alike want to show their smiles to family and friends and this goes well beyond simply showing off. For grandparents, smiling bright is a way to reclaim their youth and feel (in some ways) confident, like their old self used to be.

However, as the years go on, we all know it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain those perfect pearly whites. Years of eating damaging, acidic foods and bad habits like smoking can wear away at enamel. This is where potential cosmetic dentistry comes in. And if you know a senior who might be looking for ways to reclaim what they once had, cosmetic dentistry might be a solution.

Below are a few options to consider as alternatives to dentures if you want to help your senior reclaim a portion of their younger days.

Teeth Whitening

The fastest way to restore a smile is to have your teeth professionally whitened. Getting your teeth whitened is a great way to remove stains from everyday wear and bring your smile back to its former state.

Porcelain Veneers

Over time no matter how well we take care of our teeth as we get older our teeth will stain and even with preventative maintenance can sometimes decay, leaving gaps. These stains sometimes can’t be removed with teeth whitening and gaps can become unsightly. Veneers cover these gaps and stains making teeth look healthy again.

Crowns & Bridges

Lastly, but certainly not least include crowns and bridges. Having missing teeth can make anyone self conscious of their smile, but it can also be detrimental to your health. Missing teeth can lead to teeth shifting toward the gap where the missing teeth were. One way for replacing damaged and missing teeth are crowns and bridges. Crowns and bridges go on or between teeth to cover damaged or missing teeth. While this option is more costly, it is certainly a viable option to bring a bright beaming smile to a person’s face.

Choosing the Perfect Dentist

Of course, while treatments are all well and good, it is also important to do a little research on who is performing the treatment. And I’m not just talking about looking at their website. Be sure to also look and see if other publications are writing about them also. For example, Goldstein, Garber, & Salama are Atlanta dentists who are consistently written about in other online publications as well. Searching for publications like these can help in discerning which dentists would be best for you or your family.

Whether the treatment is big or small, helping to return a smile to someone can be such a heartwarming experience. If it’s in the cards for you and your family, it is absolutely something worth considering.